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A friend also dated a man w no cash but she had it and didnt give him. If you want your cash for your self or a rich spouse date another person. I hate it when individuals pressurise others to help them out financially. KimTo me, saying ‘I’d do something for you’ when asking for cash is emotional blackmail. She has decisions, she will sell her house/condo or get in a roommate. It seems like she could have put herself in that state of affairs pondering of her boyfriend as her again-up plan.

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People want to speak about their expectations, and the state of their relationship, so no one is confused. Bob’s GF is expecting something that occurs in relationships that are established past a certain point.

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MrStevei have and fixing to be departed from an identical scenario with a youthful woman who shall be homeless if i cease serving to her unless shes actually an undercover cop. Since she hangs out with ladies and men police regularly. But on my end i had falken in love together with her and although we by no means have had src within the two years ive recognized her she always broke. My reasoning was if i had mot been helped ALOT at a part in my life i might be homeless too. Were breaking up because she borrowed my telephone final week cause hers was broke she said.

Whether a given woman is irresponsible, has unreasonable expectations for the boys in her life or not comes all the way down to the actual individuals you speak to. SteveWow, I’m really looking forward to reading different folks’s comments as I have not thought about this problem in any way. 3) Observation from my life – this isn’t actually a gender concern or an income problem. It seems to me to be a cash-administration concern, which is completely separate. 1) Is there ANY reason this girl can’t get student loans like EVERYONE ELSE who goes back to high school and finance her life that way?

A relationship with a GF of 9 months might end tomorrow. In that situation getting caught with 1-2 loans of a few hundred dollars is one factor however getting stuck with rather more would be one other thing altogether.

Boy, Suze Orman would have a subject day with this girl. In this economy, we’re all compelled to chop back and tighten the purse strings a bit. If you can’t afford to get a sophisticated diploma then possibly now isn’t the time to go back to highschool! Bob sounds like a generous soul, but this state of affairs is a recipe for catastrophe. Sounds like his GF is manipulating him and he is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

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If she hasn’t taken them out, it’s not too late to begin – you possibly can file your FAFSA late and/or ask for a budget reevaluation that will enhance the quantity of her help. If things proceed to go nicely with these two, then perhaps they may get married and he will really feel in another way about paying her loans off than he did about paying for her way of life upfront . It doesn’t sound like Bob’s girlfriend has taken the mandatory steps to show that she would “do something” for him. I’ve loaned pals $1,000 or more, however it wasn’t the first loan. I loaned them a larger amount, and they repaid me. Eventually they had built up the belief where I felt confident that they’d repay larger amounts. jopieYes when I met my ex he had no cent, only thing in his fridge was a bottle of water and I had enough so I gave him.

That’s wrong, until HE made the suggestion within the first occasion and told her ‘I know that is actually important to you so go for it and I’ll assist you’. anupamIndependent working lady will never ask for money.

I didn’t get that she’s making an attempt to use him, however that she genuinely views them as partners and certain sees the connection as extra serious/everlasting than he does. Hell, this yr, my spouse underdeclared her taxes and I needed to spend an honest chunk of change to make it right with the IRS.

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She is doing so thus once her boyfriend stops giving cash , I am certain she is going to dump him blaming that he can’t provide for her. Suppose this girl marries this boyfriend and the boyfriend for some reason stops earning. Then you possibly can very nicely assume she will usasexguide.com leave him as a result of she is beneath impression her boyfriend is to spend for her and not the opposite means round. JenniferI had a really different tackle this situation than Evan did.

I came upon yesterday she had another that wasnt broke she borrowed. When she went lacking for about 24 hours i assumed hey i can track my cellphone. And i did, and found my cellphone and her automobile at a home on the town that was or is owned by a police officer. Whether thats who owns it mow or not i do mot know however from a property search it fits.

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It doesn’t appear clear to Bob if they’ve handed that point yet. Evan tried to define that point as spouse/reside-in degree relationship.

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Is planning on assembly me right now to return it but doesnt need to convey it to my home i suppose trigger i reside far out om unsure. So id say to anyone amd have heard it earlier than to observe your heart. I used to be a police officer in my younger days for a short interval could be why i am suspicious at instances. Even with all thats happened id nonetheless help her although she wants me out of her life , she says. When you feel like your in love and have been ostracized by society and a woman exhibits you affection nobody else provides you with, being performed or used can occur simply with your eyes wide open and luxuriate in it. SelenaHmmm, well it will seem her area isn’t mathmatics or accounting if she couldn’t work out she wouldn’t have the ability to pay her basic household expenses with a parttime job. If she would break up over that she would make up something like he cheated or abused her so the next guy would try to one up him and give her the cash.