How to Tutor – Book Report, 1 of 5

hello ladies and gentlemen mr. cropper here going to be doing a little video on a book called how to tutor by Samuel blumenfield for parents and teachers it’s a manual that works it says it’s the author’s words and this is a turned out to be a pretty good book as far as I had gotten in to two chapters in and I thought it’s fair enough to give a little examination of it here so from the preface to the 1986 edition this was originally published in nineteen seventy six and I have here the 1986 edition preface to the 1986 edition I’ll read the first two paragraphs here this book was written specifically to enable parents to teach their children the three basic primary school subjects reading writing and arithmetic at home if you are among the many parents who now wish to homeschool their children this book provides the necessary instructional program to get started a ready-made curriculum for the first year when how to tutor was first published in 1973 it was already apparent that there was a great need for simple straightforward tutoring book for the basic academic skills the public primary schools had degenerated into glorified kindergartens where the major emphasis was on play and activities with practically no emphasis on intellectual development parents cries for back to basics went largely under their children were ever to get a good grounding in the basics the teaching and learning would have to be done at home and then it goes on look further but we won’t sample that now the preface to the current edition the need for tutors today is greater than ever before the reason for this is quite obvious public education is mass education and there are hundreds of thousands of children who need individual one-to-one attention if they are to achieve any real success in their school work in addition public school instruction is deficient in so many ways that millions of children of average intelligence are not learning what they should this fact has been confirmed over and over again by the many educators educators who have written books about the problem okay so we get the sense that this book sees there’s a problem in in the public education in sidestepping it by giving a program for tutoring at home so here we are chapter one will begin here and we’ll just read a few paragraphs and we’ll skip about ten pages and hit another paragraph or two and then on to chapter two chapter one how to qualify as a tutor we won’t get to the part where it talks about a qualified but let’s read the introductory material the art of tutoring is as old as education itself in the early days before the Industrial Revolution before there was such a thing as mass education children were taught the basic educational skills by tutors or even in very small school houses the wealthy hired tutors not only to instruct their children the necessary skills of reading and writing but also to provide a proper moral upbringing the hiring of a tutor was considered a very important business John Locke the English philosopher and educator riding in the 17th century the 1600s as you know described the difficult problem of finding a good tutor who he insisted should have sobriety temperance tenderness diligence and discretion qualities he considered as hardly to be found in persons that are to be had for ordinary salaries nor easily to be found anywhere he explained further the great difficulty will be where to find a proper person for those of small age parts and virtue are unfit for this employment and those that have greater will hardly be got to undertake such a charge you must therefore look out early and inquire everywhere for the world has people of all sorts if you find it difficult to meet with such a tutor as we desire you’re not to wonder I only can say spare no care nor a cost to get such a one all things are to be had that way and I dare assure that if you can get a good one you will never repent the charge but will always have the satisfaction to think of the money of all the other the best laid out in other words you’ll never regret the cost of good education for your child he says looked high and low look everywhere for a good tutor with the following qualities interesting qualities and E names so now we’re going to go to chapter 2 this is a chapter on reading reading is the most important single skill a child will learn during his entire school career I agree four on the ability to read depends the development of everything else in fact reading is the beginning of real intellectual development and if the child is not taught to read properly his entire intellectual development will be handicapped the written word is the depository of all humanities complex thinking and an individual must have easy access to the word of written language to be able to increase his own intellectual development thus the facility with which persons can read a person reads can influence the degree of his intellectual growth the extent to which reading instruction has become deficient in our schools has been the subject of many important books from why Johnny can’t read by rudolph flesh l I’m sorry F l.e.s ch published in 1955 to my own book the new illiterate published in 1973 Samuel bloomin filled that the problem should still persist is an indication of the obstacles that institutions sometimes place in the way of real progress thus the need for this book which circumvents these institutions and obstacles so this book originally published i think is in 1974 republished in 77 and now in 1987 and he says the fact that we still need this even though problems identify 1955 you know that’s scary because then 10 years later in 1997 the problems even worse and 10 years after that 2007 the problems even worse so you know how long can we go so that’s the importance of reading we’ll skip down a little ways how old should a child be before he is ready to learn to read interesting question he should be old enough to understand what you are doing as soon as a child has developed a sufficient speaking skill he should be ready to learn how to read the child’s speaking vocabulary in fact is a very good indicator of his intelligence every child looks forward to learning how to read it represents to him a tremendous step forward and he knows this so you’ll see as he begins to read if you’ve given the proper you know stuff to read as he begins to read his vocabulary will grow exponentially or geometrically at least and reading is his real beginning of his says to the concepts of mankind because until you can learn to read the only way to get information is that people talk to you so so he goes over the importance of reading and then he says down few pages later says the schools are in a period of transition he says we’re going from this looks a method of teaching he calls it the hieroglyphic method where the word stands for something and you can’t break it apart says we’re going from that back to the alphabetic method how long this will take is anyone’s guess perhaps another ten years says this now whether he means another ten years will be done by 87 or another ten years it should be done by 1997 very sad to note that it’s presently the year 2007 and there is no no end in sight to the problem so how to tutor Samuel L blumenfield